Escape from the International Space Station

11 November 2020

This is a satellite-themed STEM activity aimed at upper primary children (7 to 11).

Each question below has a puzzle to solve to get a letter or number code for the escape pod, plus extension activities leading on from this question.

You could do all the questions as a timed escape room, or try a few questions at a time during science lessons.



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Sponsor: SENSE Earth Observation CDT.

Ages: 7-11 years old.

Also See: Escape from the International Space Station

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To find out more about Earth Observation try out our Escape from the International Space Station game.

You could try this as a time escape room or just do a few of the questions for fun:

Looking at satellite data can be really good fun. You can download Google Earth Pro and take a flying visit to lots of places all over the Earth.

Can you find your house, your school or where you went on holiday?

Why not have a go at our A Tour of Earth from Space quiz and try and identify some places you know.

There are lots of exciting things happening with Earth Observation so please keep an eye on our social media channels to find out more.