Stratified Medicine - Finding the Right Medicine for You

19 November 2020

Description: In the future, doctors may use DNA tests to help them decide which medicine to prescribe. This process of splitting people into different treatment groups is called ‘stratified medicine’.

In this activity, you will make your own paper-chain-people, give them some DNA and decide which medicine is best for them. All you need is some paper, pens and scissors. (Stickers are optional).

2020 2020 2020week2 Life Sciences and Human Biology (2020 Week 2)

Sponsor: CoMorMent.

Ages: All Ages.

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Watch our video for more about the activity and what it means.

Download our worksheet for full instructions.

Dundee Science Festival - CoMorMent: Stratified Medicine

Who should be allowed to see your DNA test results?

  • You? - Would you understand what you were looking at?
  • Your Doctor? - Would they understand it without a report explaining it?
  • Your family? - 50% of your DNA comes from your mum and the other 50% from your dad, so they may have the same genetic ‘change’.
  • Health insurance or travel insurance companies?
  • Your employer?

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