Doors Open Day at King's Buildings

25 November 2020

Virtual tour about the King's Buildings at the University of Edinburgh.

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Sponsor: University of Edinburgh.

Ages: All ages.

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Event Content

Virtually Explore is a collection of online experiences developed by staff and students at The University of Edinburgh. The experiences offer glimpses into our research spaces, what our staff and students do, and the history of our buildings. We also offer access to a number of interactive or stay-at-home activities for all ages.

You can go behind-the-scenes at The King’s Buildings campus to see unique laboratories, as well as a variety of videos, blogs and information points that highlight the work of our staff and students and present historical information. Scattered throughout our virtual experiences, there are also a number of interactive activities, including catching sea creatures (Grant Institute), maths puzzles (JCMB), and exploring how light affects plants (Waddington Building). After your King’s Buildings visit, you can tell us what you think through an online survey, our public comment board or by tweeting us @ScienceUoE!

You can also explore more through videos of our Informatics buildings and personal stories that illustrate the diverse routes to computer science that a number of our people have taken. Finally, the Bayes Centre - our home of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - presents a range of videos and activities that allow you to discover the influence of Data Science in our modern world!

Vist Virtually Explore page to view all the virtual tours available.

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