Medical Curiosities

10 November 2021

Description: Dive into medical history at this year’s Science Festival.

Discover medical marvels, curiosities, and life cycles with these three displays from University of Dundee Museums.

2021 2021 Learning Online

Sponsor: University of Dundee.

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Event Content

Cutting Edge

Discover the history of surgery in Dundee with a variety of medical tools that have been shaped and used locally throughout several decades. You might be surprised at how familiar some objects used over 100 years ago look!

Kill or Cure

Many lifesaving techniques and medicines we use today derive from substances which, when used incorrectly, can easily have life-threatening effects. However, when used in the right ways, with the right knowledge, they have saved millions of lives around the world.

Life Cycles

This display explores the fascinating diversity of life on this planet. The specimens and models on show illustrate different ways in which animals develop before and after birth. From wombs and eggs to growth and metamorphosis – explore the variety of life.