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Description: Cycling Scotland is the nation’s cycling organisation. Working with others, we help create and deliver opportunities and an environment so anyone anywhere in Scotland can cycle easily and safely.

Essential Cycling Skills sessions will be available both during and after the festival for interested adults to learn new skills and hopefully get cycling and actively travelling with family in the future.

Dates, Links and Information

  • ECS Beginners sessions – 08 Nov & 15 Nov – 1000hrs to 1130hrs
  • ECS Introduction to on road – 09 Nov & 16 Nov – 1000hrs to 1230hrs
  • ECS Advanced on road – 10 Nov & 17 Nov – 1000hrs to 1230hrs
  • ECS Family sessions – 11, 12, 18, 19 Nov – 1000hrs to 1230hrs

All sessions are open to adults over 16 years+

Location – Outside Dundee Science Centre – this is the start and finish point as all sessions are held outside.

Description of Sessions

Essential Cycling Skills are 2.5-hour practical training modules for anyone who wants to develop their confidence on a bicycle.

There are three distinct modules, depending on your experience.

  • Absolute beginners This session is for people who have always wanted to cycle but never had the chance. Our instructors will help you develop balance on two wheels before introducing pedalling.
  • Introduction to on-road This session is for anyone who enjoys cycling on paths but is nervous about going on the road. Our instructors will introduce you to on-road cycling in a range of quiet locations and simple road layouts.
  • Advanced on-road This session is for people preparing to ride on busier roads. Our instructors will cover more complex junctions, route planning, and provide tips on roadside repairs.
  • Family Essential Cycling Skills Family Essential Cycling Skills is a 2.5 hour practical training module for families to develop their confidence cycling together. It is designed so that parents/guardians and their children can cycle together safely as a group.

The sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the family. Examples of this may be:

  • A family wishing to cycle to school together
  • A family wishing to cycle for leisure in their local area
  • A family wishing to know how to cycle safely as a group through a town
  • A family wishing to know how to cycle together with children of differing ages
  • A family unsure of the best road positioning / cycling strategy to cycle safely together

There is no minimum age for the children participating (provided they can cycle or are in a child seat / trailer) but at least one adult should be present – 1 adult to 3 children maximum.


Sponsor: Cycling Scotland.


Dates Booking Instructions
3 November 2021 Booking not required.
2021 2021 Community Online outdoors Outdoors