Dundee Science Centre

Dundee Science Centre (formerly known as Sensation) is a science centre located in Dundee, Scotland, and a part of the Scottish Science Centres Network. The Centre is funded by the public and donations from local corporate sponsors.

The interactive exhibits focus mainly on the life sciences, and in particular on the senses. There is also a focus on robotics, and a practical exploration of science learning. Daily shows include: Keyhole Surgery, Science on the Spot, MindBall, Looking for Life Planetarium show and Solar System show.

Dundee Science Centre is also a corporate venue and a HMIE-inspected resource for science learning and public engagement. The centre hosts school groups, uniformed groups and also birthday parties.

The Dundee Science Centre is a sponsor of Dundee Science Festival.

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Dundee Science Centre
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Circular Economies

What we do with all of our ‘stuff’ makes a big difference to the environment! We’re going to have a closer look at what happens to all the things we recycle, and how a circular economy is great for the planet.

Climate Change Around the Earth

What’s the difference between weather and climate? What’s happening to the weather in Dundee and around the world? Find out in this first lesson of the Dundee Science Festival 2021.

Destination Space

Find out about the UK's very own space industry, upcoming missions and the useful information we get from robots in space.

Fossil Fuels And Renewable Energy

A lot of our energy, things like electricity to power our lights, gas to cook our food, and petrol to power our cars, comes from fossil fuels. Let Dundee Science Centre teach you the impacts of using these finite resources.

On Food Choices

The food we eat can make a big difference to the climate! Watch the video below to learn about how our food choices can affect the planet.

Saving Energy in Scotland

Scotland is aiming to have a net-zero target for all greenhouse gas emission by 2045, with the rest of the UK aiming to meet this by 2050. But what does this mean?

Visit Dundee Science Centre

Visit the Dundee Science Centre and learn more about our exciting new exhibits.

Visual Illusions with The University of Edinburgh

Become an independent vision scientist and explore interactive visual illusions in the largest scientific online depository.

Competition: Build Your Own Rube Goldberg Machine

Build Your Own Rube Goldberg Machine, enter our competition and you could win free tickets to visit the Dundee Science Centre.

Early Explorers: Coding Game

Have a go at making your own coding game without a screen!

Early Explorers: Sally the Sloth

Early Explorers is a programme for 3-5 year olds, encouraging social skills, self-awareness and critical thinking in nursery aged children.

Early Explorers: Stuffee

Early Explorers is a programme for 3-5 year olds, encouraging social skills, self-awareness and critical thinking in nursery aged children.

Make a Catapult

Create your own catapult using things you can find around your house!

Medical Myths and Mysteries

Discover medical myths and mysteries with Dundee Science Centre.

Solar System Trail

Embark on our Solar System Trail through the city of Dundee and follow the planets on this 4.5km walk.

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