Food Science and Public Health

Description: The School of Health Sciences at Queen Margaret University has a growing range of innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that develop work ready practitioners across the allied healthcare professions such as the launch of our new Food Sciences and Public Health programmes this year.

The School of Health Sciences at Queen Margaret University have created a printable game that helps you imagine a day in the life of an allied health professional. Start by imagining yourself in the clinic, patients are coming in with oozing open wounds. It’s your job to firstly diagnose the wound type and then come up with some treatments that will help the wound heal. Watch out there maybe some complications, such as an infection, that will need a little more thought to overcome. Up to the challenge?

Download this activity as a PDF, print and cut into a fun and informative game. Learn about the good, the bad and the interesting of wound healing.

For more fun activities check out our Festival Online Learning Resources:


Sponsor: Queen Margaret University.

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