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GeoBus is a free educational outreach project for schools developed and run by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews since 2012. In 2016, our sister project GeoBus UCL was launched in London and GeoBus St Andrews passed the milestone of 50,000 pupils taught – and achievement that was covered in the local press, and resulted in recognition of the efforts of the GeoBus team by local MP Stephen Gethins.

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GeoBus, University of St Andrews

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Climate Change

The science is simple, the impacts are serious, the problem is solvable. Find out more with Dr James Rae.

Corals and Ocean Acidification

This is a video demonstration of how corals build the skeletons that make up reefs and how this process is affected by climate change.

Grow Your Own Microbial Community

Build a Winogradski column and grow your own micro-ecosystem!

The Martian - Science Fact or Science Fiction

Many space movies have hit our screens relaying drama, adventure, and scientific discovery... But how much is scientific fact and how much is Hollywood fiction?

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