Herbarium Designer and Zoology Explorer Experience

Description: Green thumbs at the ready - come and explore our wonderful Herbarium dried plant collections and design your own unique specimen sheets. You’ll find out what goes into discovering a plant specimen then you can create your own species! Will it grow in water, sand or soil? So many possibilities!

The University of Dundee Museums is a museum service which acquires and looks after objects and artworks related to the history of the University or to support it’s teaching. Additionally, it has several exhibition spaces open to the public, including the Lamb Gallery and the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. As well as supporting students in their studies and extra-circulars, UoD Museums also aims to support the wider community of Dundee through events, exhibitions and access to collections.


Sponsor: University of Dundee Museums.


Dates Booking Instructions
13:30-15:30 10 February 2023

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11:00-13:00 17 February 2023

Admission ticket required – Book Now

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Herbarium Designer And Zoology Explorer Experience