Mental Health: Risk and Resilience, DNA and Medicine, Dr Data

Description: The development of mental illness is rarely if ever, caused by a single risk factor. It is a complex set of interactions that researchers are still trying to understand. This online game/simulation explores how different risk factors may 'stack up' and lead to mental illness (depression) or resilience/recovery.

In the future, doctors may use DNA tests to help them decide which medicine to prescribe. This process of splitting people into different treatment groups is called ‘stratified medicine’. In this activity you will make some paper chain people and decide how best to treat them.

Dr Data is a card-swiping computer game exploring the complexities of Big Data research. In the game, you are the researcher in charge of a Big Data project. You need to keep Knowledge, Ethics, Money and People in balance, but be warned, every decision has consequences.

Sponsor: CoMorMent.


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9 November 2021 Booking not required.
2021 2021 Community Interactive Online