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Description: MVV provides solutions for waste reduction, energy generation and recycling.

In November 2017, MVV entered into a contract with Dundee City and Angus Councils to manage their residual waste (that is waste left over after recyclable materials have been removed). It is a long-term contract under which MVV will take over and operate the existing energy from waste facility in Baldovie while building a new, modern facility next door.

MVV Environment, UK branch of German energy company MVV, provides sustainable and efficient solutions for waste-fired energy generation to publicly and privately owned waste disposal companies, and to local authorities. With our subsidiary, we successfully make use of our decades of experience in the British market.

Energy from waste – putting residual waste to good use

In Dundee, we have taken over the existing Baldovie Energy from Waste facility and are in the process of developing a new, state of the art facility. From 2021, it will use up to 110,000 tonnes of municipal, commercial and industrial waste as fuel for the generation of usable energy.

Environmentally friendly energy from biomass

Biomass is a key focus of our activities in the British market. This way, we take on our responsibility towards society when it comes to promoting the use of renewable energy. Our biomass power plant at Ridham Dock, Kent, uses 172,000 tonnes of waste and non-recyclable wood per year to generate green electricity and potentially heat as well.

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