Solar System Trail

Description: Starting on Monday 9th November 2020 embark on our Solar System Trail through the city of Dundee and follow the planets on this 4.5 km walk.

Have you ever wondered how far away the planets are from each other? So if we scaled the Earth right down into a size of a marble, you'll walk the distance of the planets in our Solar System, starting at Dundee Science Centre, where you'll find the Sun.

Sponsors: Dundee Science Centre and Greenhealth Partnership.

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Solar System Trail

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Go to the Dundee Science Centre and scan your first QR Code.

As you visit each planet, you can scan the QR code to learn more about the planet and once you have scanned all of the QR codes you can enter into our Prize Draw!

We have provided a Google Map and help below to get you started.

Getting Started Trail Map Scan QR Code

Solar System Trail

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