Star Feature (Six Episodes)

Description: A series of short videos to introduce interesting parts of the night sky for those new to stargazing.

Hear stories from other cultures, learn about some amazing scientific discoveries and pick up some handy stargazing tips! No equipment needed, just your eyes and a clear night.

Each video features a different pattern or group of stars, so grab a cuppa and feel inspired to look up next time you are outdoors.

Parts of these videos were made using Stellarium software, which is free to use online or download at home. Just visit Stellarium lets you practice your stargazing skills on a virtual night sky from your computer before you head outside.

Check out our handy stargazing guide and stargazing scavenger hunt to explore at home.

Share your stargazing stories with us on Twitter @RoyalObs and find out more about what goes on at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh by visiting our web site at

Sponsor: Royal Observatory Edinburgh (UKRI/STFC).

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Star Feature (Six Episodes)

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